Mary Pasieka

About Me

My Background

 A New York girl with a degree in Communications/Journalism and 2 years post grad study as an Advertising Copywriter, you'd think I would be a writer  in  New York. Then how on earth did I wind up in the south as an artist?  Well, I guess the Art Cupid finally shot straight this time and the paintbrush landed in my heart. He had been trying all my life and now success! I can deny my love for art and painting no longer! I still can't explain how I'm in the south but  the weather is great y’all!

My paints and I (along with my husband, 2 boys, 2 dogs, 1 cat and occasional foster animals), are  living happily ever after just outside of Atlanta, GA. 

My Inspiration

Nature  and  it’s elements  paired with the  female figure.

Without a conscious thought, these themes kept showing up in my work. Strong, nurturing and strangely beautiful women would keep presenting themselves on my canvases. I soon came to realize that many of my paintings are a  facet of myself  or  a narrative in my head.

My subjects care for the animals, the trees, the situations and the environment ,  helping those who are unable to help themselves.


Art Studies: 

Ringling School of Art and Design

Kennesaw State University, Portraiture

St. John Fisher College

BA, Communications/Journalism

Creative Circus, Atlanta

Advertising Copywriting

Past Exhibits:

Rochester Contemporary Art Center

Metro Montage Marietta Art Museum

Marietta City 

The Art Station

Big Shanty 

Century House